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How do I stop credit card offers from rewards programs that we belong to?

We're already on the list to opt out of general credit card offers from companies that we do not do business with, but apparently, that doesn't cover credit card offers from rewards programs that we belong to.

By far the worst offender is Southwest Airlines. I swear we get one per person (myself and Mr. Leezie) at least once a week. I called the SW Rapid Rewards people and they gave me a customer service number in Dallas. I've tried it several times and each time it is busy - no hold or anything. Short of putting them on repeat dial, I don't see myself getting through anytime soon.

Is there any way to get these offers to stop? We also get them from Marriott and Continental. I am sick of them because I know that there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that we'll sign up and I have to shred them every time to avoid identity theft.
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There's a list that sort of like the Do Not Call registry but for junk mail.

One way to get them to stop (and I am not sure how effective this is) is to use the postage paid return envelope to send a letter stating you'd like your address removed from all further contacts. They have to pay for that return letter. I know people that will do this with political mailers as well.
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I call companies I deal with and make it clear to them that they either stop sending me that shit, or I will cancel my account. "Impossible, they're mailed with each invoice" quickly becomes "done".

When I get junk mail from companies I don't deal with, I tear it up, leaving my mailing address intact, and I stuff everything (and I mean everything) into the return envelope and send it back to them. The increased bulk costs them, I believe, and I rarely get a second mailing.
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Is this the number you are calling? 1-800-435-9792 If not, call it and say "agent" and then tell the person who answers that you don't want to receive any more offers.
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It's impossible to get through to the SWA phone number except at 7am. Send a letter registered mail, return receipt requested, to the president of the company.
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In general, you can try I'm not sure if this will work for established relationships, though.
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