Character map of LOST characters?
February 22, 2010 9:29 AM   Subscribe charts and graphs some fictional character interactions, VISUAL DISPLAY OF EDWARD-TUFTE-INFORMATION style. Where can I find a visualization graph like this for LOST ?

The special Disc 7 at the end of each LOST season box has helpful interactive character-tracking software and plotting/graphing materials. That's good, but I wonder if there is ONE BIG FLAT one somewhere. Also, there is that "ROCK AND ROLL HISTORY" graphic --- to see as an example of what I'm looking for. LOST WIKI pages are too crazy --- I just want one big graphic. And wonder if it exists.
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This might not be the exact format you had in mind, but here's a visual timeline. I believe that it's due to be updated throughout the season, too.
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Here's a good one from the New York Times.
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Here's one. Another.
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I read XKCD religiously. If he does not already own it, I would think that sending the author a challenge, all of the seasons of Lost on DVD, and $50 bucks would probably get you exactly what you were looking for.

I could be wrong, but you know . . . doesn't hurt to ask.
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