Effects of adolescent sexual slavery
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I'm looking for information on the effects of sexual slavery on adolescent sexual development.

(asking on behalf of my girlfriend) I'm writing a novel set in the West at the turn of the twentieth century, and two of my protagonists are women who, as adolescents, were forced to work at a child brothel. I'm wondering primarily how this experience may have affected their overall attitude towards sex, and their sexual desire as grown women.
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Best answer: I can give you a few tips from unfortunate personal experience, at least for me.

-attitude towards sex is totally skewed. sex is consciously and subconsciously viewed as a bad thing. you know that it can feel good, you want to feel good, and you want to make your partner feel good, but your mind just screams NO NO NO when you start getting close to being intimate. it can affect relationships very much because it is near impossible for someone who hasn't been through that experience to understand that it isn't them, it's your own mental blocks keeping you from being as into sex as they are.

-it is VERY difficult to get turned on or reach orgasm. many times you get started and it starts to feel like if you go any further it is going to start to hurt.

if you have any questions, feel free to memail me and pick my brain. i've come to terms with it can have no problem sharing experiences
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Like all experiences positive and negative, your characters will react to them according to their own personalities. At least if they are believable, well crafted characters.
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