My job is driving me crazy.
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I recently started a new job, and it's swiftly becoming clear that it's not the right job for me. I'd like some suggestions about how to identify other careers, and advice about how to handle my present situation.

The background: I have my degree in English, and last year obtained my
alternative teaching certification. I worked in preschools through
college and really enjoyed working with kids, so after working at a
few unfulfilling office jobs I thought that teaching might be the
right career for me. I applied for a ton of jobs in my area last
spring and summer, but due to the economy, and also probably to the
fact that I have alternative certification rather than regular, I
didn't find anything. An opportunity at my present job presented
itself, and because it seemed closer to teaching than my then job as
well as offering more money, I took it. My current job is generally
office-based, but I often work weekends and out-of-town on events
geared toward children. I was told when I was hired that they would
try to minimize the number of weekends I work as well as my amount of
travel, but as time goes by I find myself working weekends and
traveling constantly. I'm working on a way to tell them that I'm no
longer willing to work more than two weekends a month, which seems
reasonable to me, but the culture at my job makes that very difficult.
Many of my coworkers travel as much or more than I do, which makes my
unwillingness to do so uncomfortable, but again, when I was hired I
was told travel would be minimal, and I never would have taken this
job if I had known how much travel would be expected.

So, I know that I will need to find a new job sooner or later. I would
still prefer to teach, but as I said, with the state of districts in
my area, it's very unlikely I'll find a teaching job anytime soon, so
I'm looking for other career ideas. I've worked as a proofreader in
the past and really enjoyed that, but I've also applied for editing
jobs and not done well enough on the tests to be hired, so I'm not
sure that's the way to go. I've also considered going back to school
to study social work or library science, but I'm afraid of the debt
that would cause, and don't want to find myself in debt and unable to
find a job.

Any advice about how to handle this, or book or "career test"
suggestions to help me find another possible career would be much
appreciated! I can't quit my job until I have another one, but I'm
having a very hard time handing the stress.
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I don't know how long you have been out of school, but my university carreer center lets alumni use their services for free for a year or two after graduation. I think they make you pay after that. They should have some helpful test that can identify career opportunities for you, or teach you to ace those editing tests, or find other hidden resources for finding a job. Give them a call at least.
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