Need a good underwater scuba diving camera for < $1000
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Need a good underwater scuba diving camera for < $1000. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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Something like this?
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Define 'good' and the circumstances you'll be using it. If you're not talking great depths then it's hard to argue against just putting a point-and-shoot in a waterproof container designed for the purpose. Cheap and effective, especially if you're not going to be using it on a regular basis.
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It's not the camera that'll cost you. It's the housing. I bought a FujiFilm Finepix F30 (now discontinued, but you can get it on Amazon for ~$250), which has a special underwater setting that helps filter the red that's normally filtered out at deeper depths. It's the best digi-cam I've ever owned. I bought it because I didn't want to risk taking my super-expensive DSLR under water, and also because of its portability. I keep it in my purse at all times.

Then I got this housing for about the same price. A total of $500 for the set-up, still cheaper than my DSLR, and I've got lots and lots of miles out of it. You can see a diving video here and a simple video I made in the swimming pool here.

I've also seen decent photos/videos with the waterproof/shockproof digicams on the market now. But it's unclear from your question if you want something higher-end than this.
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For years, I've been using a housing for my Canon A70. It does a decent job, but I wouldn't call it "good." I think that a detachable flash, or at least one that has a reasonably long arm to keep it away from your lens, is necessary to avoid backscatter from suspended particles in the water, and that'll limit the quality of your shots.

A few years ago, I looked into getting a more expensive setup or even a slaved flash, but it wound up not being worth it to me, given how infrequently I dive. Your calculus might be different, though.
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I would get a housing for a point and shoot rather than a specifically designed camera. They make them for most types of cameras, even slrs.
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I have , this
Olympus Stylus Tough 8000, it is decent, but only goes to 30 feet.
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I have a Canon SD790IS with WP-DC24 underwater housing and have been very happy with it. Total cost was under $500 2 years ago.
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