Advance tickets to NCPA Beijing from the US
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Is there a way to buy tickets for the National Grand Theater in Beijing while in the US? The website says that even if you order on the phone, you have to pick them up in person within 24 hours after ordering.

I will be in Beijing April 2-4 and want to attend a performance at the NCPA while I'm there. Trying to figure out if there is a way to book in advance. I'm in NYC, though I doubt that'll make a difference. There doesn't seem to be a direct online option but I'm wondering if there are services that'll let me pay them for buying the tickets and holding them till I get there, for a premium of course. Thanks!
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The Chinese version of the National Center for the Performing Art's website outlines several options for booking and payment, including an online option to buy will call tickets that you can pick up anytime before the performance. Could you call the phone-number listed and discuss your options with one of the English-speaking operators? Or get a Chinese co-worker or friend (or Google Translate) to walk you through the ordering process?

Another option is to see if you can book the tickets through They offer the option of ordering tickets through an operator over Skype, so it may be worth calling to see if they will sell tickets for the NCPA on your dates.

(Are you sure that's "within 24 hours" or just "24 hours after"?)
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Thanks, on a second reading, looks like you're right: it does mean 24 hours after. Piao and the Chinese version of the NCPA's website let you buy tickets for several performances but not the one on 4/3.
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My experience with ticketing in China is mixed. Sometimes there are tickets available right up until the last minute and there are scalpers galore, and some events "mysteriously" sell out because of the popularity of the performer or team. I just never know.

If I were you I would still plan to leave that evening free and try to get tickets the day before. The NCPA is pretty close to Tian'anmen/city center, so it shouldn't be a big burden to stop by the box office if you're doing the typical tourist stuff.
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