How to wake a hibernating finger?
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What is wrong with my finger that it won't wake up??

My pinkie finger on my left hand has been asleep for about 2 weeks now... I don't know what has caused it, but nothing I do will wake it up. Now the entire left side (below my pinkie finger) is asleep too. It is continuing to get worse. Did I fracture my finger? What should I do? Is there a way I could some how wake my hibernating finger?
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What should I do?

Go to the doctor.

(Looks like you're not alone, though.)
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It's not your finger. It's a pinched nerve in your elbow.
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It's not your finger. It's a pinched nerve in your elbow.
or anywhere in your arm above the affected area. I would go to a good massage therapist and ask about muscles in your arm impinging a nerve. (I'm suggesting this because I am studying to be a massage therapist and we discuss treatment for this kind of thing all the time. So yeah, I'm biased.)
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Obviously this is not the only possible cause, just where I would start.
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Doctor! My pinkie finger on my left hand went numb-ish from sitting awkwardly on the couch with my laptop. Then I started losing gripping ability in my left hand. Took about 3 months to go back to normal. I changed my laptop setup, started running, and bought a tennis ball to squeeze. If I had health insurance, I would've been at the doctor.
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You need to see a doctor about this.
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Go to the doctor. It's new, it's worsening, and it could be caused by any number of things in your arm or neck putting pressure on a nerve, including things that are bad. Don't wait until you have nerve damage. And purpletangerine, if when you are a massage therapist someone comes to you with new, worsening, undiagnosed neuro symptoms like this, I wouldn't lay a hand on them until they had a diagnosis.
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You need to be seen by a doctor, not unseen by all of us. Yes, it sounds like a pinched nerve, but it could be any of a dozen different things. That is what doctors are for, to use their training and expertise to figure out what is wrong with your body. That the problem is progressing means you need to see a doctor sooner, not later.
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+1 jennyjenny (speaking as a massage therapist). OP, it could be a pinched nerve somewhere, or it could be something else. You say it has worsened over 2 weeks -- that is a great reason to go see a doctor, as others have said. Please do.
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See a doctor ASAP. It could be as mild as a pinched nerve, or as severe as a severed one. There are things even worse it could be (like, a tumor pushing on the nerve, or an infection, or...).

Go. See. A. Doctor.
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