Viewing someone else's blog pictures as slideshow?
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Is there a way to view all the pictures posted on someone's photo blog (not mine) as a slideshow? The blog I'm thinking of posts pictures regularly and I'd like to be able to paste the RSS feed into a program that will draw out the pictures and allow me to view them as a slideshow. The trick would be to have the all the pictures from every post ever posted be drawn into the slideshow (it might be nice to be able to randomize it as well, rather than have the pictures show in typical reverse chronological order). I'm really surprised this technology doesn't seem to exist yet. Thanks, folks. ty
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You could ask them to set something like this up - a special page that just runs a slideshow of everything all the time. I know that I have just such a thing.
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You can get an RSS feed of Yahoo image search using this format:

and then run it through something like the Google Photos screensaver:

(Actually, I wonder what would happen if you ran the regular rss blog feed through the screensaver?)
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If it's a tumblr blog, I've found this tool quite handy: Tumblr Mosaic Viewer -

It allows you to view any Tumblr blog as image thumbs in two varying sizes, 100 and 250 pixels. Not a slideshow, but great to go through tons of image in relatively little time.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips, folks... But, while cool, and handy, neither of these do quite what I'm looking for. The writer of a specific blog posts pictures on his blog. I would like to be able to enter the RSS feed into a viewer and see all those pictures as a slideshow.

This has to exist...!

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Response by poster: Does anyone else have any suggestions? The yahoo image search (or google image search, for that matter) suggest above doesn't work in this case. An image search restricted to the domain yields no results. It's like the blog author has blocked the pictures from search engines...

So, what's the way around that?
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