Vanilla liqueurs?
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Is there a liqueur that tastes like vanilla extract smells?
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Galliano has some other flavors (anise and spicy/herbal) besides vanilla.

Many liqueurs have some vanilla, e.g. Kahlua and Bailey. And there are vanilla schnappses (one schnapps, two schnappses?). It's not a liqueur but Stolichnaya makes a vanilla vodka.

Also, vanilla extract is ridiculously easy to make: soak vanilla beans in vodka, brandy, rum or other liquor for a while. Maybe you could add some sugar: et voila, vanilla liqueur.
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Meyer's rum has a strong taste/smell of vanilla and it makes excellent rum and cokes and rum and ginger beers. And when you have a sore throat a little Meyer's in hot water with lemon and honey is extra soothing. Not a liqueur, but strong and almost thick enough to count.
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I seem to remember something from my junion high days called Dr. McGillicuty's vanilla liquer. I can't remember what it tasted like, I just remember the taste of vanilla was strong.

I think you need to find a pretty run down liquor store or a college bar if you want to try it.
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"Liquor 43" is a vanilla flavored liquor. Good with Vodka
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Licor 43 doesn't taste as strong as vanilla extract smells, but it is a good vanilla-adding agent that can be used in the following contraptions which can make you popular with college girls:

The Creamsicle
- 1 1/2 oz. Licor 43
- 1 1/2 oz. orange juice
- 1 oz. milk
Shake vigorously and pour over ice.

Key Lime Pie
- 1 1/2 oz. Licor 43
- 1 Rose's Lime
- 1 oz. milk
- splash of sour mix
Shake vigorously and pour over ice. For bonus points, lightly coat the rim of a cocktail (martini) glass with honey, then coat the rim with graham-cracker crumbs. Shake drink vigorously with ice and strain into glass.
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Errr...but to answer your question, Monin's liqueur comes pretty close to the smell of vanilla extract.

Also, try Xanath.
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Actually, nothing really tastes like it smells. Which, for example, in the case of coffee, is tragic, since light-roasted coffee smells wonderful, but it's taste is only a shadow of such.
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Actual vanilla extract has a very high alcohol content. In theory you could drink it straight, but it'd be damn expensive. I used to light it on fire just to watch it burn. Not very tasty though.
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The odour of vanilla is quite strong and pleases me. I'll second that Stolichnaya vanilla vodka recommendation. Also, the Xanath looks really good. I'll have to try that!
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OT: - 1 Rose's Lime
- 1 oz. milk

Doesn't that make the milk curdle? Isn't [milk + lime = curdled sludgy mess] the basic theory behind the Cement Mixer?
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My small contribution: Stoli Vanil has a more pleasing vanilla character than Absolute Vanilia. It has a more inviting aroma, evoking an indulgent pastry.
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Creme (cream) soda is a non-alcoholic alternative to the above and, when done right, it tastes about as good as vanilla smells. The ingredients on the bottle of Boylan's sitting in front of me (highly recommended): Carbonated water, cane sugar, pure vanilla extract, natural and artificial flavors, caramel color, citric acid, benzoate.

Dr. Brown's is good too, but I would avoid the A&W.
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My mother told me that my great-great grandfather or great great uncle drank away the family savings on vanilla extract.
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In the non-vodka front, as gesamtkunstwerk mentioned above, I highly recommend Dr. McGillicuddy's Vanilla Schnapps. Although, I was fairly sure that it was called Dr. Vanillacuddy's...maybe I was drunk. Goes nicely with Coca-Cola, I was drinking that long before the real Vanilla Coke.
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Doesn't that make the milk curdle? Isn't [milk + lime = curdled sludgy mess] the basic theory behind the Cement Mixer?

I think it would eventually curdle, but it's not an instantaneous reaction like in a Road Runner cartoon where the coyote's stomach suddenly implodes.

This is of course providing the drink is cold enough to slow down the reaction, and that it's stirred well. There are plenty of Bailey's drinks that have acidic pHs but they're not going to make you wretch (e.g., Baileys and Cointreau/Grand Marnier, Baileys and Coke, etc.)

mds -- Those recipes look pretty tasty. The honey/graham cracker touch is really nice. Have you ever tried an Oatmeal Cookie? Bailey's/Goldschlagger/Butterscotch Schnapps. One of those miracle combinations that doesn't look like it should work on paper, but they really taste just like 'em.
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If you're just looking for a tasty shot - try Das Komet.
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rorycberger, the concotion will indeed curdle eventually, but shaking vigorously with ice will help froth up the drink before curdling sets in. Also, it's such a weak and light drink that it is usually gone before it has a chance to curdle. But the curdle is nowhere near as intense as a Cement Mixer. There must be something about Irish cream that makes the Cement Mixer curdle even more.

C_D, the Oatmeal Cookie is good indeed. Another bartender who was a regular of mine used to make me whip one up for her every Sunday night when she would get off work and come to my bar.

Here's another simple one:

The SweetHeart: equal parts Pepto Bismol and Blue Curacao, shaken with ice and strained into a shot glass. It tastes just like those little "Be Mine" and "Kiss Me" candies you see around Valentine's Day.

Also, Bacardi Limon with Diet Coke tastes just like Fresca if you mix it right. Not sure why you would want to, but there it is.
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By the way, C_D, do you know what goes in a Carrot Cake? I can't remember, but it was similar to the Oatmeal Cookie.
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Carrot Cake's are very similar, and also taste great. The proper recipe is Bailey's, Kahlua and a splash of Goldschlager. I'll have to try those Sweethearts out--thanks for the suggestions!
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