New Order 80's NYC Video
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What's the New Order music video where the band is seen going through early 80s NYC: taking the graffiti-covered subway, walking through garbage-strewn streets?

I originally saw it on somebody's VHS copy of 120 Minutes a few years back, but haven't been able to find the video online for the life of me. I'm pretty certain it was New Order, but I didn't recognize the song when I saw it.
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Best answer: New Order, "Confusion", maybe?
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If that's what you were looking for, see also Holy Ghost!'s "I Will Come Back", whose video is a tribute to "Confusion."
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For more walking around NYC videos, you might also like the Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls" and the Flight of the Concord's masterful parody "Inner City Pressure".
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The previous post mistakenly implied that the Pet Shop Boys were in New York. West End Girls is set in London, while Inner City Pressure is NYC. The poster regrets the error.
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