In desperate need of a white knight with a scissors
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My hair is a disaster. I need a great hairstylist in or near Ann Arbor who can make it bearable.

My hair's always been bad - limp, thin, frizzy and wavy all at once - but it's getting worse as I get older. Good hairstylists can't cut it well; I've tried dozens. I need someone brilliant, in or near Ann Arbor, MI. My hair doesn't deserve it, but I do.

I should probably mention here that I'm female. And older.
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Best answer: Andy Perry!!! He is great and was the style director (or something like that) at Tricoh. I moved a couple years ago, but I know he doesn't work at Tricoh anymore. I think he works in Dexter now. I bet if you sent him a message via myspace he would get back to you. If that doesn't work, I can send you what I think is his e-mail address.

Why he is great is that he used to be a sculptor, and he treats hair a little differently for that reason. Don't be scared by the tattoos. He is brilliant.
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Best answer: Raven at Campus Barber & Beauty Salon is a miracle worker. She is the only person on earth who has ever figured out how to make my hair look good. The place doesn't look like much, but she is amazing.
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Just wondering- instead of or maybe in addition to trying a new haircut/stylist, have you thought of going at this from a different angle?

Have you considered Japanese hair straightening or a Brazilian keratin treatment?

As for the thinness- this may sound like a pretty wacky suggestion to you if you're caucasian, but have you thought about trying a weave? It doesn't have to be anything drastic, a couple pieces can totally change how your hair looks.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far. Eringatang, if you wouldn't mind sending me Andy's email address, that would be great; I'm not on MySpace. Ashley801, I've tried both perms and salon straightening, though not for several years. My hair didn't take either one very well, but maybe I'll try one again. I know there have been a ton of improvements. I admit I never thought of a weave; maybe I'll get brave and try one.
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Sorry I don't have a suggestion for a hairstylist, but--limp, thin, wavy, and add static-y, that was my hair. I went to a stylist who cut off about 5 inches and more importantly, layered it. It looks thicker, it curls naturally. Layering really solved the problems.
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Best answer: 23 years ago, I was tired of looking for a haircut that didn't involve all sorts of blowing and fussing (I'm a short-haired woman). Hairdressers seemed incapable of understanding what I wanted, so I decided to try a barbershop. So I tried Dascola's, then on Liberty, across from Borders. Now I live 300 miles away, and I still get my hair cut by Bob Dascola whenever I'm in town. He's on State Street, now. He had to move out of the old space when his rent tripled.
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Best answer: David Wojcik

I also have difficult hair, and I get consistently awesome cuts with him. He really takes his time, listens to me, and gives an actual consultation before he cuts. If he doesn't think what I want will work, he tells me and gives me options that will work. I moved away from Ann Arbor, but I drive over an hour for my cuts because he's irreplaceable.
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Raven has cut my hair for years - I think she's terrific!
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. These are great.
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