How can I make my home more entertaining for dates?
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What are some things that I can do to entertain visitors to my home after one of our first dates?

Yes, obviously there is making out. I'm looking for stuff besides that. Hopefully we are still having good conversations, but if it is late and we have been conversing for hours already, it seems like it would be great to have something that would remove the pressure to talk through every silence. Most women who come over help themselves to reviewing my entire iTunes Music Library. Occasionally we will share videos on YouTube that were mentioned earlier. After a while, I don't know how the woman feels but I get bored with it. We might watch an episode of a comedy or something, but I'd prefer something that won't kill all conversation for 30 minutes at a time.

Maybe some sort of game would be good? Part of me feels like it would be a little cheesy to pull out a game after a romantic evening, but maybe if I were more comfortable with the idea I wouldn't feel that way.

There are some great ideas in this thread, but this is for someone I'm not in an ongoing relationship with so long-term projects, or that will make me seem hopelessly nerdy are not great.
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make dessert.
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Get a Wii?
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I've found watching something fun and episodic but obscure on dvd like The Mighty Boosh is good conductor to more making out.

Alternatively, you might not want to invite women in if you're not planning on getting naked. There's no need to drag things on all night just because you've had a good time so far. A little good night smoochin is a better cap to an early date than another hour of semi-awkward activities.
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Jenga or Barrel of Monkeys
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I've invited dates home to play Scrabble. Invariably, they are shocked when I actually bring out and set up the Scrabble board.
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cooking is a GREAT thing to do - it keeps your hands busy and you can still talk, but you don't need to. Maybe you could go get some ingredients for, say, 10 different types of cookies, just to have on hand so you can bake her favorite, whatever that may be.

baking cookies takes about 30 minutes.
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Do you have a coffee table? Get some interesting coffee table books, of stuff that matters to you: diners where you grew up, some kind of overly expensive tome that your college put out for its 100th anniversary. Also, photo albums, but not a "This is my life" album. More like "This was my trip to Prague last fall", provided that trip to Prague wasn't with your previous SO.

I think having books around in general is good, but reading to each other is a more relationship-y thing than a first date.

Also, what Potomac Avenue said. Leave something for the next date and the next...
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Show them pictures from your childhood, unless you were an ugly baby.

I've found this can lead to making out though. YMMV.
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Demonstrate for them your handsome vaporizer. This always worked for me.
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Response by poster: Activities that lead to making out are acceptable and even welcome. I just didn't want all the answers to involve a brisk rogering.
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I don't know if this is obvious, but have a few drink options on hand. A couple of bottles of wine. A selection of liquors with which you can make at least two classic drinks. Non-alcoholic options (including teas) are also good if you've had a few with dinner or she doesn't drink. This way you can say "Would you like to come up for a drink," and mean it literally.
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Coffee table books. I'm a big fan of the postsecret books. But think about art you like, a book from your childhood (when I have a life that includes a coffee table, there will be a copy of The Giving Tree on it.)


If she's going to have access to your computer, put the porn in an innocuously named folder, like, 'recycle bin.' Not 'big t*tty party.' Please. I don't mind porn, but I appreciate a bit of polite fiction. If When I want to see your porn collection, I'll ask.

Photos of things/events you are interested in talking about can be good for conversation. Photos of you draped in former lovers are a total buzzkill.

Jigsaw puzzles are cool, if you have the space.
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Take an evening walk.
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