Can't get Cooliris to show up in Firefox browser
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I downloaded Cooliris for Firefox. It shows up as enabled in my Tools > Add-ons. Firefox doesn't show the icon in the toolbar to go to Cooliris. Any help? I am running the newest version of Firefox on my Mac. thanks!
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toolbar?...there should be a cooliris logo on the status bar (bottom right of your firefox window)
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I've discovered that sometimes when you add add-ons, and are using certain themes, those themes won't show add-on icons for some reason and you have to change themes a few times before the icons show up.
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(I work on Cooliris.)

What other add-ons do you have? Sometimes Firefox extensions just are not compatible. You can try disabling them to see which one conflicts, and sometimes if you install them in different orders you get better results.

You can always launch Cooliris by just visiting, or using the hover icon that appears on thumbnails when you mouseover them on supported sites.

Also, you can always e-mail They generally answer everyone. If you do find Cooliris conflicts with a specific extension, let us know so we can try to work around that.
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Response by poster: I disabled all other add-ons and Cooliris is still not present. For those confused by my phrasing of the question, the box icon to launch Cooliris is missing in the upper right portion of Firefox bar. That is what I am trying to get. I can go to the site as suggested and it works, but I would really like to get the icon so I can do it right from the start.

If anyone has more ideas, I'm open. I will also email Cooliris (thanks, Jeffamaphone).
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Best answer: This may be too simple but have you added the icon to the toolbar? Right click on the Navigation Toolbar and select Customize (presuming you're on a Mac, PC should be something similar) and add the icon manually.
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Response by poster: That was it, Fenriq! Thanks!
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