Canon 7-D & RAW files
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How do I upload RAW files from my new Canon 7-D to Photoshop Elements?

I just bought a Canon 7-D and, while I had no problem uploading J-Pegs, when I switched over to RAW files I could no longer follow the same process and am stuck.

Is it simply that Photoshop Elements can't handle raw files and I need to upgrade to something more robust?
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First open the pictures in Canon's Digital Photo Professional. This should have come on a disc with the camera. Make adjustments there. Then export the photos as jpg. If you need to do things DPP cannot, open the jpg's in Photoshop Elements.
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As sanka said, you probably just need the newest RAW plugin. Or, as cosmac indicated you can do your RAW processing in DPP and then take the resulting JPEG to Elements. Some people think DPP is better, some don't. I don't believe it has much in terms of cataloging capabilities.
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I think Sanka nailed it. You need to download the RAW and DNG converter from Adobe.
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