Best quality online t-shirt store?
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I have a complex, detailed image I want use in high-quality t-shirt prints, and sell the t-shirts online. I also need to be able to get an order shipped to me in a week. What is the best options for this?

I've used Cafe Press in the past, and the print quality just wasn't good enough. I'm very much willing to pay (and charge) more as long as the print quality is high.
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I had Brunetto make me shirts in the past. Their quality is exceptional. You can contact them and ask about turn around time.
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Response by poster: Brunetto doesn't seem to have an option for me to sell the shirts online? I can get high-quality prints done locally, but then I'd have to handle the shipping and order-processing, which I don't have time to do. I just want to handle the artwork and promotion.

Basically, I'm seeking someone who does everything Cafe Press does, with higher-quality printing.
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Best answer: Spreadshirt has excellent quality. Google around for examples of their work as compared to Zazzle (which is decent) and Cafepress (which is awful).
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I have friends that have some success with

The shirts are much better quality than cafepress iron ons.

You may also want to check the teefury and wootshirt companies, depending on how many shirts you expect tol sell.
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Oops. Yeah, Brunetto doesn't do that (i.e. sell for you). There is that trade off though. Places like Cafe press, spreadshirt and zazzle print on demand. But the quality really sucks.
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My web store uses Spreadshirt. Quality is EXCELLENT for artwork printed by vector graphics (max 3 colors). Not really sure about artwork printed from raster images, though. But vector graphic uploads need to be approved and that can take a day or two...and it's a pain if there's somethign wrong with your artwork.
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I've found all of my spreadshirt tees to have the design peel off after a few watches. It looks better than cafepress, but only on the rack.
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Response by poster: So this was for the IE6 funeral thing, which kind of exploded shortly after I asked this. But we finally got our Spreadshirt store up today. I'll try to remember to post an update when the shirts arrive. Hopefully CharlesV42's experience is atypical.
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