The IRS in Austin
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With the IRS Building being targeted yesterday, what might have happened to the 1040 I mailed to Austin two weeks ago?

The CNN Coverage of the plane crash at the IRS in Austin has me questioning what has happened to my 1040. I've heard (not sure where) that the building was specifically for auditing, but couldn't confirm that was accurate.

I'm expecting a refund based on the new homebuyer tax credit and I am wondering what I need to, wait, any advice?
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The IRS site has a return tracking system. Since you had to paper file, it should be in the system within 4-6 weeks of sending it. If it doesn't show up in that time, contact the IRS.
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Call them.

Federal agencies have contingency plans for this sort of interruption of service, and their response was probably in place within hours after the plane hit. They'll either know what's going on or be able to tell you who does.

Don't sweat it. The feds can be demanding, but they're generally a pretty reasonable bunch.

(Except for congresscritters. All bets are off there.)
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My understanding is that wasn't the main Austin office, but a satellite office. And it's still not clear whether the plane even hit the part of the building that the IRS offices were in.
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Yeah, I believe that the returns to go to a building on I-35 at Ben White and that this office was used for audits & investigations.
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mattbucher is correct.
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Best answer: FWIW the IRS just put out the following statement:

In light of the recent Austin tragedy, the IRS wants to reassure
Americans that this incident will not affect filing season activities,
including tax return processing.

The IRS does not process tax returns or issue refunds at the Echelon 1
Building at 9430 Research Blvd., in Austin, Texas.

During this time, our dedicated workforce continues the work of the IRS,
which includes helping taxpayers, processing tax returns and issuing
refunds as quickly as possible.
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Yep, that building's just for audits and such-like.
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Response by poster: Thanks.
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