Looking for cosmetic surgery referrals (US or Argentina)
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I am interested in getting facial plastic surgery, either in the US or (possibly) Argentina. I need help finding a doctor.

Facial plastic surgery: rhinoplasty, brow lift, lasering, and fillers. I am in excellent health, have American health insurance, and am well-informed about these procedures. Assume I can pay in cash and can travel anywhere in the country (or the world) to get the surgeries done.

I've done quite a bit of research and I know which procedures I'd like to have done. At this point, I'm looking for a great doctor -- someone that Hollywood celebrities or rich Park Avenue housewives use. I can travel to (and stay in) LA or NYC if that is necessary. (I've looked on www.realself.com, but there are so many doctors there that it's hard to figure out which ones are the best -- a personal referral from askmefi would really help.)

I have heard that Argentinian women are fanatical about their looks and have one of the highest rates of plastic surgery in the world. I speak Spanish and would like to go to Argentina, but my web searches haven't helped much. It's hard to distinguish spam from honest reviews. Argentina would be better (lower cost), but I would like a personal referral if possible.

(Also, I'm not looking for "don't do it" advice at this stage -- just suggestions about whom to see.)
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A lot of Brazilians go to Miami for their plastic surgery fix, so you may want to look there, as well...
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Dr. Ivo Pitanguy is supposed to be the most eminent plastic surgeon in the world. His practice seems to be split between the celebrity/socialite crowd and pro bono work. Here's his clinic in Brazil. I don't know anyone who has gone to him, or whether it's even possible to get an appointment, so good luck!
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I can't help with specifics but if you're going to go Argentina please do get a personal referral.

Things I've heard on the news:
There are plastic surgery touristic tours. As in tours centered on the idea of getting plastic surgery while in Argentina.
Some plastic surgery centers have been reported to be... houses. Live surgery in a living room.
They are famous for being cheap and fast, models from here tend to go there to have more chances of being successful in our market. No idea about the quality.
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Would you consider Mexico? Monterrey is quickly becoming a hotspot for medical related travel and has some top-class hospitals (with more being developed right now for the same reason). I personally know a few people who have had successful surgeries with this doctor, and he usually operates in this hospital; they even have a website for medical travel.

You'd have to memail or email me for details on the doctor though, as I can't share them here.
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Bill Portuese at Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery Center gets well-known Hollywood clients. I've met him through a family member he's tight with, but I have not received care from him. I'd sure like to, though!
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Avoid Scientologist plastic surgeons and the ones who market themselves in the media aggressively.
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One thing to consider when going abroad for surgery is that you might not get proper pre-op or follow-up care if you just fly in and out for the operation. Plastic surgery procedures can be pretty serious (esp that brow lift), and you need some continuity of care in case of unexpected complications. You're better off finding the best surgeon close to home -- and that should narrow down the pool a bit, too.
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I would add that just because the rich and famous patronize a physician doesn't necessarily mean that physician is particularly good. Michael Jackson hired a self-proclaimed cardiologist to play anesthesiologist with predictably bad results; James Brown's wife Adrienne died following plastic surgery; and there are many others. Looking at a physician's experience, training, and board certification as well as satisfied patients is a better guide to their skill than who their patients are.
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