Need a simple task time tracker that works out of the Windows system tray
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I'm looking for a simple Win app that tracks time spent on tasks/projects. I'd like one that can work directly out of the system tray without needing to pull up the window for the app.

I've tried the Google gadget called Task Tracker, but it clutters my desktop. Toggl is cool but you can't start/stop the timer directly from the system tray icon.

Ideally, I would be able to add my different tasks (ex: Writing, Work, Surfing) and then left- or right-click the tray icon to pull up the list of tasks. Clicking a task will toggle the timer on/off and minimize the pop-up window.

Of course, there can be a 'real' window to manage the Options, like how it looks, editing the task list, seeing reports, etc.
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Don't use one myself, but Lifehacker had a post about well-liked time tracking programs a while back. Maybe one of them runs from the systray.
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I use AllNetic Working Time Tracker which can be started and stopped from the system tray.
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Response by poster: Dang, I should have mentioned 'free' as a requirement too!

But... I thought I'd give it a try all the same. Guess what? First attempt to use it and it crashed with my very first entry. Not good for a $30 app.
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ManicTime. Free.
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kjhosein: There's a stupid bug. When you create a new project, don't let it create a new task for you automatically. AllNetic has been good but there haven't been any updates in a long time. I haven't found anything else that works as well unfortunately.
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Best answer: Well, I decided not to continue spinning my wheels looking for the perfect time-tracking app, or I might have to chalk up a lot of time to 'futile search'! I'm going to use Toggl for now.

Meantime, someone on a different channel suggested Klok. The feature list makes it look great if you're a contractor and want to make sure you track your time so that you can bill your clients accurately.

@hifimofo - ManicTime looks wicked cool, but I'm trying to stay from too much complexity in this particular app category.

Thx all.
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