I lost my tweak!
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I lost my Thunderbird tweak. Please help me find it.

Windows XP Home. All updates installed (except IE8). Thunderbird

I just had to reformat my desktop PC back to factory settings, I've reloaded FFox and T-bird from MozBackUp, and am in the process of re-customising the computer to my own preferences, one of which is that I like all image files to open as thumbnails. I've changed this in Windows Explorer, so that if I click on any file, everything in it is displayed as a thumbnail, and this is now the default setting.

Except in Thunderbird.

When I create an email, browse to Insert/Image and then select the file, it opens in list form. Like this.

To view the pictures so I know which one to choose, I have to manually select 'Thumbnail' from the view menu.

But what I want is for Thunderbird to open the file to view the images in Thumbnail by default, so when I click on Insert/Image it opens like this.

Now, a couple of years back I came across a fix for this on the web. It wasn't an add-on, it was a tweak, quite possibly to the about:config settings, but I have a feeling it was tweak somewhere else in Windows itself. Of course, I didn't bookmark it at the time, or if I did I can't find it now.

Can anyone help me find this tweak? I reiterate that it's only a Thunderbird issue, in every other area where I need to open an image file, the files are opening to show thumbnails.
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This Microsoft support article: How to modify your folder view settings or to customize a folder ... looks promising.

Sorry, don't have XP around to test it on. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Sorry, artlung, it's still showing list view.
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Open the dialog, select thumbnails, then hit CANCEL. According to this.
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Response by poster: What does 'hit CANCEL' mean? I don't have a 'CANCEL' key on here.
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Response by poster: I found it! It was a bit of software called 'Open Wide'. It wasn't a T-bird issue, it was a Windows issue and this little bit of freeware sorts it perfectly.
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If you look at your example image, you will see a button labeled "Cancel" in the bottom right hand corner of the "Select Image File" dialog. Anyway, I'm glad you fixed it another way.
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