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Just got a new MacBook Pro, 17''. Can anyone recommend a good sleeve/padded case? Some that seem billed for 17'' turn out to not fit, or are said to be snug for 15''.
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Tom Bihn Brain Cell. Also in vertical. Great case!
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I have the booq vyper and it fits great. I like it.
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I have the Brain Cell as part of a Brain Bag, and I love it.
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I'll second the Booq Vyper. After asking this question some months back I got one and find it a huge upgrade over the typical neoprene sleeves.
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Waterfield bags + cases. Don't own one personally but everyone I know who has one raves about the build quality.
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I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The Booq Vyper series fit the Macbook Pros perfectly and give an added boost of protection, as they're kind of a hybrid between a hardshell and a sleeve. I use a 17" for my 15", but that's because I sometimes use a neoprene sleeve as well (purely out of my own particular brand of crazy) so I like the extra room.

They're excellent, highly recommended.
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Nthing the Booq Vyper, I love mine. A cheaper option that I've used for other models that always fits well (specifically made for Mac models) is any inCase sleeve. Apple shows them off at their stores, so they approve.
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I can also vouch for the quality of Tom Bihn sleeves and bags. I've had my backpack with sleeve for 6 years and it still looks new.
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I've got one of the Speck shells mentioned above. It was great for the two years I dragged my computer all over campus during grad school, and it's still great now that it's less mobile :P

I have a padded backpack, but I really appreciated the "get it out and go" aspect (not having to unzip the neoprene case and put it somewhere). It's great when you might be short on space, too, and I've never had to take it off on an airplane (because my red shell makes it basically just a red computer, not a black sleeve over a silver computer).
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