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Google Apps in k-12 education- what should I know going in?

We're on a Mac laptop program with students using an educationally oriented webmail service (currently just grade 6-12) while staff is on an in-house mail server (non Exchange). My plan is to migrate everyone (students and staff) over to Google Apps for the 2010-2011 school year, with primary reason being e-mail.

Going in to this project, what potential pitfalls and issues should I be aware of with this project? What questions do I need to address now before we get a month into the school year and realize, "Oh crap, I wish I had done that over the summer!"

Two of my main concerns:
1) Just use webmail versus allow them to use Is there any reason to even allow
2) Our secretaries send weekly newsletters to hundreds of families. They sign off on wanting said mail. Will Google be angry about this, and if so, are there any solutions besides signing up for a bulk mail service?

Lastly, what cool and awesome things can I show to get the staff interested and excited about Google Apps features beyond just e-mail? I don't want this to become another, "Oh great, another piece of technology thrown at us that has no real educational value."
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Best answer: This addresses item #2 above:

Google apps Sending Limit (select "I've reached a sending limit").

I'd go with Webmail (as is mentioned in the other google apps thread going on) over a mail client, unless you have a specific reason to do so. It'll probably lead to less support queries, once the initial learning curve has been hurdled.
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