Where do I find a full-time telecommute/remote programming job?
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Where do I find a full-time telecommute/remote programming job?

Things I have done already:

* Search feed from indeed.com ( developer AND (telecommute OR remote) )
* Regularly hit up the tech job sites I know of that aren't indexed by indeed (37signals, authenticjobs).
* Google turns up mostly strange sketchy-looking sites I've never heard of.
* Started reaching out to my network

Obviously taking freelance gigs (rentacoder, odesk, etc) would be easier to arrange, but I need a job with health insurance and steady income to support a family.

Are there reputable telecommute-specific job boards? Better search queries I should be trying? Non-US job sites? Other aggregators I haven't heard of?

Other data points:

* Will be working from China (GMT+8), but not in a major western business hub
* Mid-level developer at Fortune 100 company (you're probably a customer)
* Java/Ruby/Python/PHP experience
* Demonstrated 0-60 on new languages/frameworks in <30 days
* BA/UX experience: requirements/wireframes
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Think about your domain of expertise and make a list of the companies that would likely be interested in you because of your specific background, who you work for now, etc - the low hanging fruit so to speak. Approach them, not worrying about the telecommuting stuff. If you are good and they need you, they'll find a way to make telecommuting work.

That may help expand your opportunities.
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Canonical seems to be going on a hiring streak based on that page's RSS feed. I don't work for them but I know people that do -- nearly all their developers telecommute. I think you can find a place to fit in, especially if you're located in China where a lot of manufacturing happens.
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