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Vegasfilter: Help us choose a hotel for our 3-day honeymoon in Vegas. Bonus points if you can help us choose a Cirque show.

So, the future mister and I have only three days for our honeymoon (sad!) and we're going to Vegas.

But where to stay? We don't mind dropping a few dimes for a little peace and quiet, and we'd like to choose a hotel that is less likely to appeal to bachelor(ette) partiers or families with small kids. Still, we'd like to keep it under $250 a night if possible, and since we don't want to rent a car or deal with taxis, we'd like to stay near the strip.

Four Seasons? Mandalay Bay? A suite at the MGM or Luxor? Any other ideas?

Bonus points: We were thinking of going to see Cirque's "Zumanity" but have heard some not-enthusiastic reviews. Can anyone either recommend this show or one of the others? I know people love "Love," but I find the Beatles kind of annoying after a while (I know, I'm a visigoth). We're also going to see Penn & Teller and maybe Blue Man Group.

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Best answer: O is the show to see. It's fantastic.
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I'm not sure what kind of price you can get (I mean its Vegas prices can be all over the place). But the new Aria i gorgeous and tasteful.
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Prices are always varying, so check Hotels.com or Orbitz or the hotel web sites themselves to see how much they'll cost the nights you'll be staying there.

I stayed at the Wynn for about $100/night, and it's the only honeymoon-class place I've stayed at in Vegas. Their rooms have awesome bathrooms with an incredible shower and bathtub for two, and they have a nice pool.

I've also heard good things from friends about the Bellagio and the Venetian. Mandalay Bay is supposed to have some awesome pools.

Places to avoid (for a honeymoon, fine for poker junkets): Excalibur, Aladdin, Riviera, Luxor, and (in case you couldn't figure it out) Comfort Inn.
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Nothing says Honeymoon like a hotel interior plastered with gigantic photos of Carrot Top so by all means stay at the Luxor. (I stayed at the Luxor last fall for work and it wasn't a super pleasant experience). The Mandalay Bay gets good reviews as does the Bellagio, Venetian and the new Aria.

I've never heard anyone say a bad word about Ka or O.
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You should also avoid the Rio with every fiber of your being. God, so un-honeymoon. I second ignignokt's suggestion of the Wynn (or Encore, another Wynn hotel right next door).
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Best answer: Yes, Wynn and Encore are both very nice and very appropriate for a honeymoon (disclaimer: I was married at the Wynn and stayed at the Encore that night). They are a little far up on the strip, but definitely not totally out of the way. The MGM Signature is definitely a quieter place, and you'll get a kitchen etc in the suites there, but it's also a bit off strip, with a decent walk through the hotel/casino just to get to the strip.

I saw Ka, and was very impressed with it, much better than Wintuk (in NYC). Not sure how it compares to the others, but I can't imagine anyone being disappointed by Ka. The stage alone is worth going to see it for. I also saw Blue Man Group in NYC, and that show was great, too, a lot of fun.

Have fun and congratulations!
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Best answer: I've stayed at the Mandalay Bay, and it was great. It is down at the end of the strip and the little tram thing stops running at some point in the evening (such that the walk home from the cirque show in heels was a tad annoying). I wanted to stay there because the pools are awesome, but that also means this place attracts more family types as well (be sure to check out the sharks!).

I was pretty disappointed by Zumanity. Lots of what you expect from Vegas, but not much of what you expect from Cirque (There were a couple acrobatic things, but most of the time I was sitting there trying to figure out how the current act was going to develop into an awesome stunt.. didn't happen). If you want a more traditional Cirque show I loved O, but Ka was also very very good. Ka is a bit different from most other Cirque shows in that it has a well defined plot and follows it. I don't think you would regret seeing either of those (If you are trying to get tickets on the spot for a discount O is likely not an option, but I was able to get some for Ka). Mystere is a fairly traditional Cirque, and I enjoyed it, but when I think of what one show I'd want to see it doesn't make my list.

If you are flying in you might check out what your airline can get you on discounts for hotels (some of the deals include various meal coupons or show discounts).
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Best answer: I like Mandalay Bay if you don't mind being away from the other casinos. I had the basic room and it was very nice. Good bathroom. The pool is huge and great (wave pool, lazy river).

THEHotel would be a good choice for a honeymoon. It's a sister to Mandalay Bay and shares the pool / casino / etc. It's got a hip hotel vibe and I think it's all-suite.
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The West Wing of MGM Grand - where I've stayed twice - has a clean, modern feel to it and was very quiet. Think more like a boutique-y feel.

The rooms were pretty much new and were not huge but not tiny. I was really happy with it, but I didn't like that it was so far down at the end of the Strip - it was kind of a walk to get up to the middle (not intolerable, and I think there's a monorail you could take). All that said, if I were to go back to Vegas I'd probably choose to stay there again over the other places I used to stay.
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Based on personal experience, I would discourage you from staying at the Monte Carlo.

The boards that are frequented by dedicated Priceline users often tell you that if you select a five star (or four star - whatever their highest rating is) hotel on Priceline, the *only* hotel you ever get is the Bellagio and you can typically get a room there via Priceline at about $100/night.
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Best answer: Wynn is quite nice, but the other option would be a room upgrade at Mandalay Bay for perhaps the same money. I say this because Wynn is a few $$$. Staying at MB gives you access to all of their pools, so moving away from a party to a quieter spot might be possible.

I know when I was looking at rooms for a family reunion the price varied dramatically across the days of the week. Something to think about if you have flexibility.
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Best answer: Can't speak much about the hotels, as we went super budget and stayed at a Marriot (I think?) off the strip.

BUT, I came here to defend Zumanity. It was great. If you are going to a Cirque show just for the acrobatics, it may not be what you are looking for (as Feantari suggests). If you are going for a show that has beautiful performances, and is visually very interesting, I don't think you could pick a better option. I enjoyed it immensely, and would definitely go see it again whenever I make it back to Vegas.

I would guess the negative reviews are coming from those who expected to see a run of the mill Cirque show, without realizing that Zumanity is quite different.
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Encore if you can swing it. Wynn as well.

I didn't like the feel at Aria, but others like it. Mandarin Oriental is nice as well but expensive.

I'm quite partial to the Trump , especially if you score an upgrade. It's a bit further back (across from fashion show a few blocks back from the strip), but the rooms are great. Non-gaming and not a whole lot of restaurants though.

Personally I'd avoid the rest, but it's largely dependent on price.

Off strip we stopped off at the M in Henderson. I quite liked it, but it's definitely out of the way.
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The MGM West Wing. The shower is a thing of wonder.

There's now a tram from CityCenter to the Monte Carlo and the Bellagio, too, which is handy.
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I recently stayed at Aria and saw O.

Aria has a number of kinks to work out. The "automated hotel room" concept is cool but extraordinarily frustratingly quirky. There is a delay in operating the TV or music, and the touchscreen (mine at least) was not very responsive. So you end up pressing some buttons twice and skipping past what you are trying to get to. The room was nice but not spectacular. And AT&T cell phones have virtually no reception throughout the hotel (confirmed by Google and about 20 of my fellow conferencegoers). The building itself is really impressive from the outside but I was underwhelmed overall. So don't pay a premium to stay at Aria.

O was amazingly cool. I saw it with lots of other people in a group, and to a person everyone thought it was great. The stage itself is worth the price of admission. It's one thing after another that has you saying "holy crap how do they do that?" Even the clowns - how great can clowns be? - are great. Go see it.
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Best answer: Saw Zumanity last month with a circus rigger pal--we were both very impressed. But no, it isn't a standard Cirque show, by a long shot.
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I came here to defend The Beatles: LOVE. I thought it was AMAZING, even if you're not a huge fan of The Beatles (me), but especially so if you like them (my sister). The performers were fantastic, the costumes and props were outstanding, the energy of the production, and the creative use of scrims and storytelling made it one of my all-time favorite shows. I would see it again, definitely. And there's no bad seat in the theater (except for the nosebleeds). I was 2nd row, ground level, and enjoyed being able to see the exquisite props up close.

I saw it after seeing Penn & Teller, which is most favorite show (I already have tickets to see it again this year). Afterwards, they meet & greet with the audience, posing for pictures and signing tickets and programs. Teller's red ball trick was my favorite. I loved how, for a few minutes, I was a little kid who still believed in true magic.
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If you are not renting a car I suggest Paris, Bellagio or Ceaser's Place which is right in the middle on the strip.
I watched 'Zummanity' which was ok, but I heard that 'KA' is better.
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Best answer: I saw Ka one year and Zumanity the next. Zumanity, just didn't hold up to my idea of a Cirque show. It was fun and the performers were doing amazing stuff, Ka was much more of an overall experience and rated much higher on the breathtaking scale.

If I had to choose one, I'd recommend Ka.

That said, I have not yet seen "O". So, can't compare that to the mix. People I've talked to that have seen them all say "O" is the one to see if you can only see one.
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If you want to see Cirque qua Cirque, O is great. If you want to see beautiful people do very acrobatic and sexy things while wearing hardly any clothing at all, see Zumanity. (I was particularly fond of the mermaid scene.)
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MGM Signature is awesome. The Mrs. and I got married at MGM but we stayed at the Signature and loved every single second of it.

And Ka was a crazy acrobatic show.
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Here to agree with the recommendations for The MGM Signature. No smoking, no casino, no kids and the rooms are awesome.

Best place I've stayed in Las Vegas.
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See LOVE, despite your misgivings. As noted above AMAZING. Forget the Rio to stay but see Penn and Teller!
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Response by poster: Anyone have experience with the Platinum? It's just off the strip, but only a block from the monorail. It looks pretty perfect, except nobody I know has ever heard of it, which makes me wonder if that's just a fluke or if there's a reason.

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I stayed at the Wynn for my honeymoon, and found the whole experience fantastic. Upscale without being hipster-cool, and a noticeable lack of toddlers on the casino floor and in restaurants. Fabulous oversized tubs, stand-up showers, and great beds (boom-chacka etc. etc.).
Walked through Caesars, Bellagio, and Circus Circus while I was there. Caesars was just silly, Bellagio smelled like cleaning fluid, and CC? No, just no.
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Re: Platinum - never heard of it although I know that area and am still drawing a blank unless it's one of those time share/hotel things that are behind all the real hotels. That block an a half from the strip (from their website) is could easily be a 15 min+ walk so it will be annoying everytime you go anywhere. For example, the MGM Signature is wonderful but it is HALF a block away from the strip and people complain about how far it is all the time.

Stay on the strip. Choose Wynn, Encore, Bellagio or Plazzo for an upscale mostly kid free stay - MB is often filled with yuppie families going to the wave pool and shark tank. This is a great site to see all the hotel deals sorted by location and date. I usually grab the promo code from there then book directly with the hotel for the best deals. Also don't forget the twenty dollar trick at check in.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, we've made our choice!
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