Can you ID this mystery plug?
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Once again, I turn to AskMeFi to answer the question: what kind of cable is this? I just bought a digital camera, and it came with a cable that seems to have been included by mistake. The plug on it looks sort of like a mini-USB connector, but isn't. Here's a photo. Here's another. Any ideas?

The camera has a mini-USB jack on it, but this plug won't fit into it -- it's a little too wide, and has that funny bump on top. The other end of the cable is split between 2 RCA plugs, 1 yellow and 1 black; it's obviously intended to send video and sound to a TV.

I bought the same model of camera a few years ago, and it came with a cable that had the yellow and black RCA plugs on 1 end, and a 1/8" plug on the other; the 1/8" plug fits into an A/V output jack on the camera.

I think I was supposed to get another of those cables with the camera I just bought, and they gave me the wrong cable. But I'm curious to know what this cable is, and whether I might find some other use for it.
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It's likely a USB mini b. My Nokia N95 uses one too. Here's a shot of the difference between mini-a and mini-b.
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(oh, though of course, I presume the wiring to your RCA end is non-standard...)
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pompomtom: Nope, it's not USB mini b. I can plug a mini b cable into my camera -- I've got one right here. The mystery plug has a bump on top that the mini b lacks.
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My Canon camera uses the same jack for USB (mini-B) and for A/V out, and the A/V cable looks exactly like that. The A/V connector has that little bump so you don't go sticking it in places it shouldn't go. (BTW I'm fairly certain they're proprietary, so it's fairly useless. Try eBay?)
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Here's another photo I just took, comparing the mystery plug to a USB mini b. You can see that they're similar, but not identical.
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I read over my post and realized I wasn't clear: The jack on the camera that cable goes with has extra clearance for the bump. Both USB mini-b and the A/V cable can go in, but the A/V cable can't be plugged into a regular mini-b jack.
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wsp: I think you've solved it.

The first photo on this page looks identical to my mystery plug. It's supposed to fit into a mini USB port... but it doesn't seem to want to fit into the one on my camera, and I don't want to force it.

Maybe I will put it up on eBay... thanks for the tip, and thanks for the idea.
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Seconding wsp; it's a Canon AV cable. It and a USB Mini-B fits in the socket on the camera, but it won't fit into a USB Mini-B socket as it has all the wrong signals.

I have one on my PowerShot SD790is.
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