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Certified Translator? I'm in Montreal and I need a certified translator for documents for immigration I'm having trouble finding a certified person/company who can do this for me. Spanish to English.
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In the US, certification of a translation is nothing more than a one-page notarized document saying something along the lines of "I, translator/employee of translation agency, hereby declare that, to the best of my knowledge, the attached is an accurate and truthful translation of other attached document."

There is no such thing as a "certified translator", unless you're talking about certain specific (self-governing) organizations that do that sort of thing for its own members. This means that all you need is a translator willing to state the above, and a public notary. As I'm not 100% sure of how things work in Canada, YMMV, but I doubt it would be very much different.
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There is such a thing as a certified translator in Canada.

Here is a list of certified translators in Montreal who do Spanish to English translation of official documents.
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Yes, I did say that there are specific self-governing organizations that do that for its own members. Note that across-the-board recognition by the official government is still an ongoing process - though they are admittedly much further ahead than their counterparts in the US. Thanks, hurdy gurdy girl, for clearing that up.
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You can also contact MICC (Quebec Immigration) and ask if they have any specific recommendations. Their first step will be to send you to the second site hurdy gurdy girl gave you, but you might be able to get a more specific recommendation if you're polite (speaking French would be a plus). Here's a list of their offices.
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