Is it possible to upload images to a digital camera?
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Uploading images to a digital camera. Can it be done?

I have an HP Photosmart 435 digital camera. I have the Unload settings such that the images are deleted from the memory card every time they are downloaded to the PC. I want to take advantage of the Target print-your-own-photos kiosk that allows you to plug in your memory card to download photos (and I don't want to burn CDs every time I want prints). Is it possible to put images back ON my memory card in the camera? I know all about using Ofoto and Shutterfly. (I suppose this is a fairly narrowly phrased question).
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The memory card is just like any other form of removable media. It's probably formatted using FAT... do you have a memory card reader, or do you just plug the camera in to the computer?
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If you look in "My Computer" in Windows, the camera probably shows up as a drive when it is plugged in and powered on. Ignore the HP software, and just drag and drop the files to the camera icon or to the camera folder (right-click and hit "Explore...").

This is just an educated guess, but it's worked on my Canon and Nikon cameras.
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I have a USB reader for my Canon Digital Rebel, and my 1GB memory card appears as just another drive on my system. I often upload files (and not just pictures).

Assuming you have an SD card for your HP, just get an SD card reader and you're set.
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It can definitely be done. If you can get the camera to just show up as a removable drive using a USB cable, that's the easiest way. When you download pictures, check to see that you don't have an extra drive that shows up under "My Computer".

If not, then you can just get a simple card reader--I've got one that's apparently from Lexar Media (but mine's probably outdated now, because I don't see it on their site). It's just got a little 3" USB cable out one side, and 3 or 4 different slots for different types of cards on the other. When I plug my memory card into that and hook it up to my PC, it shows up as a drive--you can put photos, files, anything you want onto it.

Of course, your _camera_ may not like that, but worst case, it'll just give you a "card read" error until you re-initialize the card through the camera after you get back from the store. The kiosk should still read the photos fine, I would think.
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The camera shows up in "My Computer" but doesn't allow me to drop files on to it. I think I'll go the card reader route. Thanks!
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Once I borrowed a CF card off a friend, and was able to view images he took on his camera, but on my (completely different) camera, so it definitely works. I'd suggest just copying images directly over to the card, and letting the camera figure out how to display them.
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