Library fees?
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List of universities and colleges that charge library fees?

My university is considering charging a per credit student library fee. We are a state university (third tier) and charge lots of fees (e.g., athletic, publication, technology), but no per credit library fee. Does anyone know if there is a compiled list or source where I can look at other university and colleges fees? We are a land-grant public university.

I Googled this and got lots of individual institutions that charge these fees. What I need is a compiled list and I hope I do not have to create my own.
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I'm not aware of such a list, but you should check with the Association of College and Research Libraries, part of the American Library Association. If anyone has such a list I expect it would be them.
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Response by poster: I found one from 2008 buried at But if anyone wants to pipe in with studies....
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Another resource you could try is ARL (as distinct from ACRL). They've got some stats that you could utilize (not perfectly--they also note that they pull university-level expenditure data from IPEDS. I fiddled around with IPEDS a bit to try to custom create a table for you, but that's just something you're going to have to play around with yourself. I'm not even sure how granular the data is at IPEDS). The ARL page has a pretty prominent contact email, and I would suggest emailing that person to see if she knows the answer.

Here's a Simmons case study [pdf] on fundraising and the academic library that mentions library fees (note that I didn't see any comprehensive surveys on the topic in a quick skim on Google Scholar).

And finally, here's the text of a referendum [pdf] at San Diego State University for a library fee that successfully passed (scroll down a bit to get the text of the fee). If you do go further on this route, they could serve as a model.

Note that the 'library fee' is also sometimes called a technology fee (as it was at my private undergraduate institution), which may help your search. I'm sorry to say that other than the ACRL and ARL stuff, I don't really see a comprehensive list anywhere (and those are really the two places, besides maybe maybe IFLA, that such a list would be kept).
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So the OP doesn't go on a goose chase, librarylis - IFLA does not produce such a list. OP, you will need to directly query a US source for this, other than an association of land grant colleges themselves that might record overall stats (is there such a thing?), ACRL and ARL you may also want to contact some of the sections within ACRL like College Libraries Section.
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