Know Volunteer Scheudling Package?
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Does anyone know a free or low-cost software package or online scheduling service where we can list volunteer activities and people can log-in to put themselves on the calendar?

I run a local Red Cross, and need to do a better job of scheduling volunteers in various activities. These activities could be things like tabling at a street fair, cleaning up disaster equipment, or staffing a shelter.

The goal is to be able to register people as volunteers using Red Cross guidelines, and to then give them a log-in so they can pick opportunities for themselves. In a best-case scenario volunteers would only be able to sign up for things they are qualified to do.
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I think that Volgistics does what you're looking for. I'm not an admin, but I use it for the program I volunteer with.

We don't use all the features available, but I'm pretty sure it does the things you ask. I don't know about cost, though.
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There is a service called which might fulfill your needs, but I don't know how much they charge (they might not charge for you as the provider of volunteer work).

Another idea would be to take the scheduling service, but I don't know how scalable that would be.
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DIY option is to set up a free Google Site for your project, then create either a calendar or a to-do list on the home page. You can then give out login info for each volunteer, and they can add themselves to the calendar from there. You can also use the site as a general clearinghouse for information that only approved volunteers can see.
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I have used in the past and found it fairly easy to use. It is free so they put stupid adds on the bottom of the signup emails but I haven't noticed anything too horrible.
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How big is the volunteer group?

An organization in my area uses doodle for organizing small (around 10) groups of volunteers.
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Response by poster: @arthur - the group is in the hundreds.
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I invite you to take a look at We have Red Cross chapters using our Volunteer Impact system and they are very happy with it. If you would like to get in touch with me, I would be happy to pass on their names and contact information. Tony Goodrow 800-844-1545
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