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What songs embody or demonstrate a (Middle) Eastern aesthetic or sound?

I'm looking for songs that best demonstrate Eastern or Middle Eastern aesthetics or sound - for instance, songs that are most demonstrative of the types of instrumentation, scales, melodies, etc that are commonly associated with these regions. They don't necessarily have to be from these areas; they can be Western interpretations (for example, Kashmir by Led Zeppelin). Another example is the Schtung Chinese New Year Remix of Gorillaz's Dirty Harry, or even stuff like Disney's Aladdin. I'd prefer individuals songs as opposed to artists.
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Om Kalthoum.
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Wait... are you looking for (Western) songs that have been influenced by Middle Eastern instruments, sounds, and music, or are you looking for classically Middle Eastern music?
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I was gonna say Om but there she is.
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Response by poster: raztaj - I'd prefer the former
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The Feeling Begins, the first track on Peter Gabriel's soundtrack for The Last Temptation of Christ, fits for Western interpretation/inspiration. It's an awesome song, although the rest of the album doesn't do much for me.
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The Hour of Two Lights by Terry Hall and Mushtaq is wonderful. The title track especially, but really, the whole album. Also, George Harrison/Ravi Shankar.
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Hmm... well the London based Transglobal Underground (collective) comes to mind. They've had members of a wide variety of backgrounds, and a lot of their songs have a Mid East flair: Delta Disco, Pomegranate, Khaleegi Stomp, Fun does not exist [more].
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Best answer: Big Pimpin'
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Maybe this.
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For your consideration:

Desert Rose by Sting (with Cheb Mami). It's western pop influenced from not quite Middle Eastern, but Maghrebi style, and leans very heavily not only on Algerian Arabic lyrics but also on Algerian musical aesthetics with both rai and more traditional tropes.

Loreena McKennitt has done some truly outstanding work in contemporizing and westernizing some Middle Eastern and Central Asian musical styles. Some excellent examples include Night Ride Across the Caucasus, Marco Polo, Caravanserai, The Gates of Istanbul.
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and Shakira's Ojos Asi (barely, but it's got Arabic and belly dancing, and I think I hear a tabla... so... ok)
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Khaled for Rai influenced music.
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Best answer: Mustapha by Queen.
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I learnt this about Dick Dale's Misirlou from a previous mefi post [i think]
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Oh and Kiuas' To Excel and Ascend
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Best answer: As xqwzts said, Misirlou [mefi link] (aka the Pulp Fiction Theme) is a greek tune co-opted by surf rockers.

The Beatles Within You, Without You came to my mind. Love You Too is another.

There is an entire wikipedia page dedicated to pop music that features sitars. I would say that things like "Paint it Black" and "Norwegian Wood" don't sound Indian, despite the use of the sitar.
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mathar by dave pike is a great jazz instrumental.
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The beginning of Fake Palindromes by Andrew Bird perhaps?
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Best answer: Auditorium and The Embassy by Mos Def.

Madlib's Movie Finale is the beat from Auditorium, and the rest of his Beat Konducta Vol. 3-4 In India might be of interest to you.
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Multiple songs on Sufjan Stevens' album A Sun Came
The acoustic version of Flogging Molly's Another Bag of Bricks
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Lem Chaheb and Dissidenten - Sahara Elektrik - whole album is worth a look.
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