Trumpet concerto repertoires?
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TrumpetFilter: A long shot I know, BUT.. I'm a 17 year old trumpet player of reasonably high student standard, and I have recently been asked to consider performing a concerto sometime in the summer with my local youth orchestra. Could anyone suggest any suitable repertoire? (Not Arutiunian, Mozart, Haydn or Hummel).
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I've always liked Fanfare for the Common Man. I'm not sure it's actually a concerto, though.
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Concerto for Cootie?
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There's Bridge, but even if you're up to it it's probably a big ask for the orchestra.
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Does it have to be a concerto? If not, you might consider some of the solo pieces that are part of the working repertoire. For example, Fantasie Brillante (which you can find in the back of Arban's) is suitably challenging, but neither as hackneyed or as hard as the Carnival of Venice variations. You might also consider a set of the Telemann heroic marches, the Purcell or Torelli Sonatas.
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It's not really a trumpet concerto, per se, but fantastic none-the-less is Shostakovich's concerto for Piano, Trumpet, and Strings.

'Course, that piano part ain't easy ;)
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The Johann Fasch concerto for trumpet and two oboes is lovely.

I've never looked at the score, so I can't speak to its difficulty. But back when I was in orchestra, there were these two oboe players I'd have killed to play it with.
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How good are you? What can your orchestra get rights to? There's a trumpet concerto by Johnm Williams that the whole orchestra might like. I really like modern composers, and one of my friends just did the Dana Wilson concerto.

What are your favorite composers? What style do you like? What are you capable of? I'm living next to a fucking trumpet major. ;)
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Whoa.. I have stumbled upon TrumpetFilter.

I'm a fan of Leonard Bernstein's Rondo for Lifey (a short piece, not a concerto - it may be a good prelude to a more traditional and longer piece you'd play next.)

Don't ignore good trumpet arrangements of baroque or Mozart-era concertos for other instruments - for example, Mozart's concerto for flute and orchestra No. 2 (K.314); or Handel's oboe concerto No. 3.

Aaron Copland's Quiet City is just freaking gorgeous. It's a trumpet and english horn duet, but the trumpet takes a front seat. An unbelievably beautiful and introspective composition.
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Howz about Handel: Water Music / Music for the Royal Fireworks?
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I heard a fantastic arrangement of Satie's Trois Gymnopedies for piano and brass recently. It was sublime. Gorecki has some nice brass too.
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I have always loved anything Bach wrote for Trumpet: challenging and beautiful, though admittedly not terribly "original" for a concert performance.
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