Help relocate this cool distance-electronics project
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Help me find this cool online project I once saw: lamp in one location lights up when person sits down in chair in another location (like, in a different state).

While looking around online for DIY electronics projects to connect the far-flung members of my family, I found a cool, art-installation type project. Someone (I'll say the artist to make this clearer) had hooked up a chair so that when he/she sat on it, a light would turn on in another place across the country. The idea was that the light was placed at the artists's empty spot at the family dinner table, and their family (parents?) would have a sense of the artist being around because the light would go on whenever the artist sat at his own dinner table across the country.

There was a webpage/site about this project that I'd like to find again, but all my search terms (rfid? long-distance chair light?) aren't bringing it up. It was on an artist's own website, NOT a DIY conglomerate like Instructables. Not sure whether the site had actual instructions or just showcased the project, either.

I'd love to find the site again, 'cause I'd like to make something similar (but maybe slightly less creepy-we-know-every-time-you're-sitting) involving the connection of activities across spaces, or even the same thing. I don't know how to do that without a computer constantly being on and wasting a lot of electricity.
Also, I suspect this website might have similar cool installations that I'd like to try building.
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Kacie Kinzer, Three Chair. You've got to click the fourth thumbnail.
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Better URL, and no typo: it's THERE Chair.
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Response by poster: Yes! Thanks, y'all.
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