What's in these Japanese cookies?
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Japanese-filter: What does this cookie packet say?

My boss's fiancee brought them in to celebrate Chinese New Year, but the label is in Japanese. They were delicious and I'm wondering what was in them.
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Best answer: Matcha and azuki (抹茶とあずき) is green tea and sweet red bean.
posted by emmling at 5:28 AM on February 17, 2010

The package also goes on to say that the cookie has cashew nuts and freeze dried red beans as well.
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Response by poster: That was quick! Thanks a lot.
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Just want to second emmling's translation as being correct.
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Oh, man, by clicking through to emmling's blog, I see that she was brave enough to try the Pepsi Azuki flavor that I saw a few times this past autumn. I never tried it, but I did try the Pepsi Ice Cucumber in 2008. I shudder to think what this year's stunt flavor will be.
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