Where can I watch the olympics online, for a fee?
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I'm outside of the US (specifically, in Israel), and I don't have a TV. My wife is a winter sports fan, and I promised her she'd be able to watch the olympics online, but I couldn't find anywhere normal. I'm willing to pay, so it doesn't have to be free, but no weird sites with trojans either, please.
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If you know someone with a cable subscription in the US (family members, friends), you could use www.nbcolympics.com to watch live events. If you don't have a subscription, they have replays of many sports there too.
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Best answer: CTV in Canada is webcasting a large portion of the Olympics:

Not sure if they're blocking the feeds for web visitors from outside of Canada, though...
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Eztv.it has torrents of all the recent events. Maybe Justin.tv? This may tumble in the area of piracy, so consult your moral compass.
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Eurovision Sports might be a better option in Israel, since it's part of the EBU.
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Since the major north american broadcasters are blocking streams by geographic region, and it would only be an annoyance to pay for a $10/month proxy service:

Why not go to thepiratebay, search for "olympics", sort by uploaded date, and download everything with a reasonable number of seeds? Open the files, whatever they may be (xvid, H.264, something else encapsulated in a .mkv, etc) with VLC. Enjoy.
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