Broken Gmail
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Broken Gmail account: I have GmailStatus installed which tells me i have 4 new messages, but whenever I try to open my inbox it tells me that "[my] session has expired. Please sign in again." Has anyone found any resources for fixing or reporting a problem with Gmail?

also, GmailStatus is still able to alert me when I get new messages.
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I think you can only report problems with Gmail by logging in... Have you tried to remove all Google cookies (session-information is usually stored there)?
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I went through this a few days ago, and CKZ is right -- if you google around enough you can find a link to report problems to the Gmail support team, but you have to be logged in to use it. There's an email address, but they auto-bounce email that doesn't come from Gmail. Sigh.

And yeah, in my case deleting all Google cookies and restarting my browser did the trick.
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You could get another Gmail account (there are simply oodles out there for the taking) and log your request/complaint that way. That is how I did it when my account was hijacked a week after I got it, back in the day.
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Have you tried opening it with a different browser, or on a different computer?
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Have you got your computer date set 2 weeks or more into the future?
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Might be a bad cookie. Try deleting any Google cookies.
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