Help identifying fabric upholstery pattern
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Can anyone help me identify these patterns? I'm looking to i.d. both the large windowpane fabric covering the chairs, as well as the yellow and white print on the pillow on the chaise. And, if they are no longer in production, perhaps something similar?
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Where did you get the picture from?
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Response by poster: Good question. I was wondering about the origin of the image myself. It's probably from a decorating blog. I just had the link bookmarked.
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Are you looking for the fabric itself, or something similar? You might be able to find it if you take this picture to an upholstery shop or fabric store with a home decorator fabric section. They will have swatch books you can look through, or may be able to identify it themselves.
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The yellow and white, you could look at Marrimekko (I may have forgotten how to spell that). Big flowers. Scandinavian.

(I am not a licensed decorator and cannot be held responsible for any decorating advice I may offer. Don't sue me, thanks.)
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