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I'd like more noisy screamo nonsense please.

This is pretty straight forward; I've been out of touch with the progression of screamo/hardcore for a while and I'd like to hit some of the more recent high points. I am specifically interested in bands like Circle Takes the Square and Battle of Wolf 359.

As a preemptive caveat for all you Pandora dismissives, neither band are in it.
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Just read the VLV message board.
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I've just now because of your question heard of these bands, but after a casual listen, perhaps you'd like Opeth? They're a little more metal and screamo, but in the same experimental vein.
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^ ...little more metal THAN screamo.
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aw, second link should be:

the number twelve looks like you
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I'm not up to speed with a lot of recent stuff, but if you happened to miss Orchid [sample], Pg.99 [sample], City of Caterpillar [sample], Saetia [sample], or Modern Life Is War [sample], consider them highly recommended.

I know you said Pandora's out, but if you're interested, allows you to generate a station from combinations of artists instead of just a single artist (here's Circle Takes the Square + Battle of Wolf 359 (which I'll probably leave on for the rest of the night)). Or from a tag (here's screamo). Probably 9 of the last 10 bands I flipped my shit over were bands I first discovered through I'm not an employee/shill, just a happy user.
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Aussitôt Mort
Coffin Dancer
Envy (lyrics are in Japanese, but god damn they are good)
Genghis Tron
Orchid (not new at all, but just in case you've never heard them)
Saetia (also just in case)
Suicide Note
Ultra Dolphins

I don't really know what you have and haven't heard so I skipped a few I figured you probably have and whatever else anyone has already mentioned
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Response by poster: Yeah, Envy, Saetia, City of Caterpillar and Pg.99 are all bands I love as well. I'll be sure to check out the others though, thanks!
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