Who made this PBS commercial?
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I love some of the commercials for PBS. There is one playing currently that is constructed around the story of Little Red Riding Hood's wolf. Philip Glass' music from The Hours is throughout, a father is reading the story to his daughter, then gets interrupted by Lara Spencer, Charlie Rose ("In my interview with the wolf, he said he does his own stunts to add more realism to the story"), Jim Lehrer, Bernadette Peters and a couple others who I don't know, who all have comments about the wolf. Is this commercial available online? Does anyone know who made this?
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The ad was called "Bedtime" and was created by Fallon Ad Agencies as part of PBS' "Be More" campaign. Unfortunately, the ad's not up on Fallon's online archive (Windows Media 9) as of yet.
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If I can piggy-back onto this question, I've noticed that quality commercials wind up online, but they're scattered all over the place. Is there a site that tracks spots (technical term for "commercials") and lists where they're posted?
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grumblebee - there's AdCritic, but it entails a subscription fee. Individual agencies tend to archive their clients' spots for portfolio purposes, however. One could refer to AdWeek or TelevisionWeek (free online registration required) for leads. You might consider persuing website press releases, newsprint/trade articles, USENET (alt.tv.commercials), or Animation World Network, which posts updates regarding spot contracts.
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another subscription advert repository: ad-rag.
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