Romantic Encryption WebComic
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I figured this crowd would have the answer bookmarked somewhere. There is a specific issue of a web comic that has the story of a guy, who after his first date with a girl, sends her an encrypted note for her to decrypt. They continue to date and despite her asking, he never gives her any decrypting hints. When she finally breaks the code, it's him asking her to marry him. I thought it was an XKCD comic, but I couldn't find it via Google searches, so perhaps it's another site. My last resort is to go thru each XKCD comic one by one, but if you know what I'm talking about please give me a heads up. Thanks.
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I don't think it is XKCD. Last year I read the entire run, looking (fruitlessly) for a strip I thought was there, and this one rings no bells. Sorry.
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Yeah, don't go through each XKCD comic. I've read them all, and I really don't think this is one of them, since it doesn't sound familiar at all.
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There are worse things to do with your time than re-read the XKCD archives ;)

But: it sounds like something the XKCD crowd would remember, even if it isn't XKCD's work. Try asking them if no one here remembers.
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I think you are looking for this.
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Fantastic Geppp! Yes this was it, thank you!
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