Linksys WRT610N vs. WRT54G 802.11 G ranges
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What are the wireless ranges of the 802.11g radios in the following: WRT54G WRT610N I specifically would like to know the range of each and does the WRT610N 802.11G radio have a greater range than the WRT54G 802.11G radio. Not surprisingly, Linksys couldn't even help me.
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I am not sure the radio range but i do know the 610 has a greater range due to it being 802.11n and having 3 antennas.

Also the 610 broadcasts 5ghz at the same time as 2.4 so you can put the heavy duty items on the 5ghz and keep things like netbooks on the 2.4ghz
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PS I have a 610 at home and my fiances parents have a wrt54g at their house.
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SmallNetBuilder benchmarks a lot of wireless equipment and puts it in a database you can compare various ways. This is a comparison of the WRT54G2 and the WRT610N throughput at the same distances, but it looks like it compares G to N.
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