What are some good resources for test-driven development for web apps?
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What are some good resources (books, websites, etc.) about doing test-driven development and unit testing for web applications?

I recently finished reading a book about TDD, and with the things I've been hearing about it and unit testing from developer friends of mine, I want to start trying it out with some of my projects. However, nearly all of my coding is for web applications, which seems to complicate things.

I know there's 'FireUnit' (a unit-testing extension for Firebug) that might help with tests for the client-side JavaScript, but documentation and examples seem somewhat sparse.

What books, websites, or other resources have good coverage of doing test-driven development/unit testing for web applications?
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When my hacker mate turned me onto TDD, he sent me these:

The Three Rules of TDD
Principles of OOD
Three Rivers Institute
Pivotal Tracker

Some apply only tangentially, mind you.
Good luck, it's a fascinating subject.
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Not really an answer to your question as it is just a tool and doesn't specifically cover the how-to of TDD, yet for automated testing of webapps, I've found Selenium IDE to be rather good.
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