Afternoon Delight in NYC
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After months of hot and heavy cyber, and semi innocent face to face encounters, finally having that illicit tryst. For reasons I don't want to get into here, neither of our abodes is an appropriate place to do the dirty.

It's going to be a daytime thing, as we both work nights...but check in times are 3 or 4 pm at most Manhattan hotels. Would be more than happy to pay for a hotel that lets us in starting at noon, but can't find one, or are there any other options?
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Do what I do when I'm traveling and am arriving in a city jetlagged and exhausted at 6am - book the hotel for the previous night as well as the "night" you are staying and call the hotel to confirm your really late check-in time. Many hotels offer a discounted rate for the first night for this scenario.
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Most hotels will let you check in before 3 if they have a room available at that time.
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meerkatty has it. Either that or just take the night off.
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Another option is to set up your tryst so that you meet for coffee or lunch first. Go by yourself a little early and try to check into the hotel; if they don't have a room open, then go get something to eat or coffee. If they know someone wants a room and the previous nights' group has checked out already, they will work to get it ready at the hotel for you ASAP, and you can go back and check in then.
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Any hotel that is not fully booked the night before should let you arrive at noon if you make the reservation in person, ie over the phone. You need to talk to a human, but "I need to book a room on the 24th with an early check-in" is polite hotel-speak for "and we'll be dropping the keys back at the front desk at 5 PM."
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A friend of mine used to rent a studio space (acting or music or something) in midtown to spend some time with her boyfriend during lunch. Room was entirely enclosed and door locked - perhaps not ideal for a first time tryst, but a cheap option and by the hour. Not sure of the location but could check.
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I've done early check in loads of times (when arriving on an early flight). Just phone the hotel, tell them that's what you want, and they'll be fine. Some places charge for early check in (or late checkout), but most don't, in my experience.
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Unless the hotel was sold out the night before, a number of hotels will offer day rates on their rooms, you just need to be out of the room somewhere in the range of 5-7pm, depending on policies. Just call around and verify with the front desk staff.
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The phrase you want is "day rates." This site has several suggestions for NYC.
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If it doesn't offend your sensibilities, there are probably some by-the-hour motels on 9th avenue.
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By the hour hotel sounds like what you're looking for.

"On weekdays, $59 ($65 evenings and weekends) will buy you three hours in one of its clean, functional rooms (some of which offer classically prurient mirrored walls and ceilings). Romantic Interlude rooms with hot tubs are yours for an additional $15. The manager points out that all the rooms have six channels of free porn, wide-screen TVs, and “black out” capacity for enhanced privacy."

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The NY Mag piece links to The Liberty Inn which I know is used mainly for this sort of activity. Clean and professional.
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Seconding meerkatty's suggestion. Rather than going to a hotel thats "known" for this, just book two nights at a budget hotel and the place is yours for the day.

If you talk to them about your late check-in in the morning they may give you a 1-1/2 day rate instead of two. Like meerkatty I've done this when traveling on business because you arrive early morning and just NEED somewhere to relax and take a shower.
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