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Help us Find That Flick! It's a scary movie from the 1970s that may in fact have been a TV pilot for a show called "Ghost Story." (Open the creaking door, come inside...)

My husband remembers watching a movie on TV in the 1970s. He remembers it this way: A couple with a new baby moves into a house, the husband travels a lot so hires Mrs Ramsey (Ramsay?) to help out. But there's some kind of haunting going on, and the evil spirit takes the form of the wife and tells Mrs Ramsay to go home (he remembers her spookily saying "Go hoooome, Mrs. Ramsay.").

The wife is upstairs and looks down just in time to see Mrs. Ramsay driving away, knowing something's wrong, she races for her baby.

He also wonders if something in the movie was called "Pleasant Hill," saying at one point the wife says "It wasn't very pleasant for us."

By searching IMDB on "Mrs. Ramsay," I am guessing he might be remembering 1972's "Ghost Story," but he swears he would have known if David Birney and Sebastian Cabot were in it.

Anyone out there who remembers "Ghost Story" and can confirm or deny that this is it?
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Best answer: According to IMDB, "Ghost Story" was also a 70's anthology series, so David Birney and Sebastian Cabot may not have been on that particular episode. Here's someone remembering the storyline you describe.
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Response by poster: FreezBoy, thank you SO much! That link may be just what it takes to convince him...
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Response by poster: PS: If anyone knows a place to get a copy of that episode...let us know. After hearing about it all these years, I'd love to see it.
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My wife and I have been trying to remember the name of a scary 70's TV series which had opening credits featuring creepy music and a carousel. Anybody know the name?
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This is the wackiest premonition I've ever had, if you can call it that.

Just before reading this thread (probably inspired by the FindThisFlickFilter thread above), I remembered a pilot from the early 70's that *freaked me out* as a kid. So, I did an IMDB search on Sebastian Cabot, being the only person I could remember who was in it.

The speaking statue (about the only thing I can remember) turned nine-year-old me into whimpering jello on the floor.

Then, I stumbled on this thread! Unbelievable!
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