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I'm looking for a satisfying* low-carb protein bar which is also soy-free. Any recommendations? Any bars you hate? I am leaning toward the Biogenesis bars. Also, suggestions for high-protein, low carb items that are quick to fix/pack/take along with me when I need to be out and about are welcome! *I don't expect utter deliciousness, but I'd like something that isn't cardboardy.
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high-protein and low-carb? Beef jerky!
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Best answer: Yup, was just coming in here to say "Jerky!" Also, almonds.

I have yet to find a good low-carb protein bar ... they all rely on the wonky "net carbs" notion, which I don't buy.
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Low-fat cheese strings have around 6-8g of protein each, and don't need to be refrigerated during the day.
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Best answer: peanut butter comes in jars of all sizes, never goes bad and needs nothing more than a spoon for your enjoyment. I eat it all the time when I have major work to do, can't eat a meal and can't afford a freakout. also bacon, fried in advance and stored in the freezer in lunch tubs or zipper bags. goes great with peanut butter, as does jerky. oh, and chocolate, especially with nuts.
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Response by poster: I love peanut butter and almonds, never thought of beef jerky! Cheese is yummy. Please keep the suggestions coming, everyone.
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Tanka bars (buffalo)
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My favorite bar does contain soy, but in case you're willing to consider it anyway - I really like Balance bar bare bars - Sweet & Salty Chocolate Almond is my favorite. 210 calories / 13g proterin / 20g carbs.

Bars I hate: Think Thin bars. All of them.

You could make your own protein bars with non-soy protein powder, nut butter, and flour (made from oats, almond meal, flaxseed, etc to lower the carbs if you'd like).
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Try designing a protein bar at YouBars without fruit or sweeteners. These look really tasty (mostly real food ingredients), but I haven't tried them myself. I just designed an example that was 16g protein, 6g carbs (incl 3g fibre), 21g fat.

There's also Paleo Snax, but those may have too many carbs for you since they include dried fruit.

Besides the jerky, almonds and cheese that others have suggested, you could try hard boiled eggs.
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My partner says the 2:1 Protein Bar is the best one he's found for protein without a ton of carbs and sugar and without tasting like cardboard. To me they still taste a little cardboard-y, but less so than other protein bars.
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I don't eat soy protein either (those 2:1 bars have soy protein isolate). Here are a few I have found, with comments on taste (note that I eat very low amounts of sugar, so I am sensitive to things that most people might not find sweet).

1) Ruth's Hemp Foods Bar
The one linked is their highest protein bar (180 calories, 6g protein, 18g carb). It's got added sugar (agave nectar), but it's the tastiest bar in the bunch. This one is akin to a granola bar.

2) Greens+ WheyKrisp bar
This one is 18g carb and 16g protein. This one might not be a good one for you, because it has a tad of sprouted soy in it, but that is acceptable to me (I just don't eat processed soy). Greens are an acquired taste, but my husband who doesn't partake in greens ate this bar and said it was pretty tasty.

3) Organic Food Bar - Protein
Terrible name, but a good product. It's probably the least palatable of the bunch, but I really like it now (it initially tasted too sweet for me, and the brown rice protein gives it a weird-ish flavor). It's got 330 calories, 22g protein and 33g carb. This one is what I use when I can't make a protein shake after my workout.
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