I can't find a NeoGeo power supply!
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I need help finding a power supply for a Japanese top-loading NeoGeo CD for a friend.

My Google-Fu is not bad, but I've come up with nothing on my own. I've even called places in California and NYC that seemed promising, with no luck. I'm still having a hard time understanding how something could not be on the internet, but I've reached the end of my rope. Help!

For anyone lending a hand, you should know that the NeoGeo, in its many phases, went through an absurd number of power supplies. The one that goes with a JP top-load NeoGeo CD is very specific; using one from a cartridge-based system won't work. I can't use one from another system either. Even eBay has come up short on this question. Thanks for the assistance...
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Don't know if you called it, but this NYC shop is worth a shot: Video Games New York - (212) 539-1039
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Whoops! I can't use one from any other non-NeoGeo systems, a solution which works for systems such as the Saturn, TG-16, and a few others which share power supplies with other systems.
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Could you use a universal AC adapter? Some universal adapters let you select the output voltage and most include a wide variety of tips.
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