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Need help finding an easy-to-use web page form designer and/or manager for PHP, etc. with a few specific features. Can't seem to find them all in one place.

I am working on a web page for a client that needs coding attention, but my background is almost entirely style-side (layout, css, etc.). I have zero PHP experience, and my few forays into PHP have met with grim results.

For this project, the client has asked for a series of web forms (easy enough so far) that offer just two very minor challenges:

1. On roughly half the forms, the visitor should be able to select a destination (e.g. "Bob in Accounting") from a drop down list and the form results will then be sent to Bob once submitted. On the other half, the information will simply go to

2. There must be a "confirm your information before submitting" page for each form.

So far I've gotten pretty far in MachForm by Appnitro. It does everything very nicely, except I can't get the select-a-recipient option to work. This is not built into the current app, but their forums give coding work arounds, etc., which are entirely outside of my realm of expertise. As simple as they look, I can't get them to work.

I have searched every available resource I have, and every option I find can only do 1 *or* 2 above (or neither, which is even less helpful).

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am open to a server-side software solution, a third party portal solution with monthly fee, etc. Just nothing that's gonna take PHP coding chops (because I aint got them).
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PHP is executed by the webserver immediately before serving the page to a client browser. To store/retrieve data for pages there is usually a database package in place to fill the gap and pass data between pages. Your other options are files stored on the webserver and accessed by your scripting language or storing values in the browser's $_SESSION variable. Are you using a SQL variant? MySQL is a Sun (now Oracle?) product that I'd venture a guess is the most readily available and widely used for stuff like this.

If you are using PHP and MySQL (or another variant) I could help you with building form-based drop down lists by giving you a few tips. As far as pre-packaged solutions I won't be much help as I use a text editor and do most of my work that way.

My point is that I think most people will need more information about your set-up before we can offer you detailed help.
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I tend to bring out the Drupal hammer for these types of nails, specifically with Content Construction Kit and / or the Webform module, depending on whether you want the 'Drupalish' or the fast way to make forms.
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Have you looked at this php version of formmail? I use it and it's handy, requiring only configuration. It also supports captcha which I think you'll eventually need.
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If you take Space Coyote's suggestion to go with Drupal, I think you might find that the built-in Contact module would do what you need.
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