How best to gift printed photos?
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My boyfriend took a ton of nice photographs while visiting India this summer. I'd like to get many of them printed. How best to present multiple photographs in an attractive, inexpensive way?

I've seen this thread but I'd be interested in other suggestions. I don't want to give him a DVD (I don't think he'd watch it) or little tchotchkes (too small to present the pictures nicely). Any ideas?
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I've seen some pretty impressive results with Blurb.
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I second Blurb; my husband and I printed up a book from a vacation we took to go on an archaeological dig with the photos making up most of the book but some of the narrative of what we learned on the dig as well. The book came out GORGEOUS, we were very pleased, and people like to flip through it when they visit us.
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Thirding a book - compact, fun to browse through, easy to keep around and it feels so professional! I used Shutterfly for a book and was impressed.
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If there are some standout photos experiment with Picasa (the program) and make a collage poster. You can get some great classy stuff with that program, experiment. Adorama does great poster size prints. Don't let them adjust the color, though.

A good cheap way to decorate, too. If you want I can send you examples of what I've done for my apt.

If you can't limit enough for that a book is probably the best option.
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Best answer: Similar to Blurb, MyPublisher is quite good - my father, a professional photographer, made a photobook of the family this Christmas and chose them, and the printing quality was excellent.
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Seconding MyPublisher. My family has done several vacation books using this and they look fantastic. I've never used either, but I heard from someone who had used both this and Shutterfly that this had much more flexible layout options. I also saw one done in iPhoto via Apple's site. It looked fantastic too.
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Print 4x6 photos with shutterfly. Then, go to an arts and crafts store (or etsy) and get a nice empty journal, some kind of handmade/hand-bound paper with a deckle edge (or whatever suits your fancy). Affix photos to paper with photo corners.
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Go to CostCo. They do an amazing job with a bound booklet, printed on nice paper.
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Best answer: Adorama will sometimes have really great deals on large poster prints. Keep checking every couple days.
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