I have independent means. Help find a low paid, but interesting and social job.
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I have a self sustaining internet business that easily supports my lifestyle, but is very isolating. I am in the fortunate position of only having to work 4 hours a week for the next couple of years. I am however going out of my mind with boredom. I want to find an interesting and social job in the UK. Pay isn’t an issue, but I don’t want to work for free. Any suggestions? If it leads to career outside the digital solo realm, all the better, but this is not essential. I am 30, male, and live in Brighton.
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Library work. I know others who run internet businesses and combine this with library work.
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Have you considered doing volunteer work? You meet very nice people, and do good at the same time. That's what many people with independent means do.
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What about jobs in the party-planning/trade-show industry? You could start out by looking on Craigslist for gigs to work as a waiter/bartender or a booth attendant at trade shows, then work up to being more involved in the planning if you want to.

These types of jobs would interact with a lot of people, but not the same ones every time. Is that what you meant when you said "social" or do you want to find a job where the same group of people does work, and they all go out for happy hour and watch the game together?
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Go and help out at your local lifeboat station. If you can get to them within a small number of minutes then you might be able to get involved as shore or boat crew - otherwise you could help with fund-raising.
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Brighton's not as much of a start-up hub as London, but there are still internet companies that don't have much cash but could use your experience. Maybe even as a part-time or consulting gig. You may not meet the most outgoing social butterflies but those kinds of work environments lend themselves to a lot of socializing. Even if there are no job postings, why not drop some emails to companies that interest you?
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What about working remotely? If it's possible, move somewhere you want to visit for a month, use it as a base station and take day trips to exotic places. This may help break you out of your funk.

BTW, do you have any need of a designer/architect/BA in the US to work remotely :)
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Wired Sussex is the place for local digital media types for business or social purposes.
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Part time in a bookstore? Record store? Cafe? Flower shop? Ok, those are things I might do in your situation.

What are your hobbies? I'd try looking for something related.
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