Are the Florida Keys decent for college spring break? If not, where?
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How are the Florida Keys for Spring break, for a bunch of college males? We want something MTV-Lite. Lots of young people, lots of drinking, but nothing ultra crazy like Panama City. Can we find this in the keys?

We're not looking to do any fishing or snorkeling necessarily. We're just looking for some great weather, great atmosphere, great beaches, and some happening night life.

Would we be better off at Siesta Key? Miami Beach? Something else? None of us speak Spanish, and we're coming from Central/North Florida, BTW. We were looking at San Juan before.
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I am going with a group of 10 girls (college seniors) to Siesta Key for spring break this year. We are renting a very reasonably priced condo and plan on our only expenses being food and nightlife. The beaches are beautiful, the weather is great and there are a lot of college students that come to the area for spring break.
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Had a few buddies go to Siest Key 2 years ago and they loved it. Said there was plenty to do but they definitely didn't give me the impression it was as crazy panama city.
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Hmm YOu might be better off in the Miami ft lauderdale Area.

My fiance has friends that live practically in Key West and Key West Can get crazy .

Went to key west for new years and it was exactly like new orleans during mardi gras.

The MIami Ft Lauderdale Area has plenty of bars. Heck even a Casino (i love the hard rock casino in Hollywood,fl by the airport).

Miami is a short 1 hour to an hour and a half drive from fort lauderdale.

I think if your looking for fun without too much of a crowd then Miami / ft lauderdale area might be better. Key West can get crazy . Just like New Orleans during Mardi Cras. Including big mass of crowds and not being able to walk.
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Response by poster: I think we're going to Siesta Key, if we can get in a decent place.

Key West must hate Spring Breakers. There are hardly any places in Key West willing to rent to <25 year olds. I'm 25, but some of my group are 22, 21. There may be hotels or 1 or 2 resorts willing to rent to younger people, but OVERWHELMINGLY the typical requirement was that everyone had to be 25+ for houses, condos, etc.
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