Connecting mp3 player shuts down wireless keyboard/mouse?
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I recently bought a Logitech Wave wireless keyboard/mouse combo. They work fine, except when I connect my Sansa Clip mp3 player to a USB port to recharge and upload music, at which point they completely stop working.

I previously used an older model Logitech wireless mouse + corded keyboard and had no such problem, and when I use the older mouse it still works fine while the Sansa Clip is connected. I can connect and charge/sync my iPhone via USB without any disruption in the functioning of the new mouse/keyboard. I updated firmware from Logitech, but it didn't help. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Are you using a passive USB hub? I've had funkiness when the power draw on the USB is a bit too much due to one too many devices. I'd try disconnecting everything non essential and see if the problem persists with just the sansa and keyb/mouse plugged in, preferably to the motherboard USB jacks.
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Response by poster: Aha -- that did it, tremspeed -- thanks! I hadn't realized that the cordless keyboard would be enough extra draw to tip it over the edge. (And thanks to Burhanistan as well for reminding me to update drivers!)
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