Sharing toddler noises with grandparents
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I'm looking for a place to share audio files with friends and family. Nothing copyrighted; mainly voice memo recordings, for my parents of their grandchild.

At first I thought Audioboo might be the place. But they have a 5 minute length limit, and these things tend to go on longer than that. There was a similar question back in 2006, but neither of the best options there, Ourmedia and Stickam, seem appropriate.

It should have an in-browser player, and should preferably be fairly private. (E.g. I don't want them appearing on a "recent uploads by our community" page.) A commenting feature isn't necessary. Something that accepts the iPhone's .m4a files would be great, as for Audioboo I need to convert them to MP3.

Or maybe I should just stick the MP3s on my own website, with a Javascript player? Only if this would be very easy to set up.
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I would suggest Dropbox.
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Just reading that you wanted in an in-browser player.. don't see where that's necessary, when you could share the files by giving family members access to your dropbox folder. Apologies for not really answering the question though.
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The free version of divshare has an in-browser player and you can even embed links in other places, so you could have an embedded flash player right in your own blog but host the files there. I've used it for my own mixtape uploading project [big uploads, like 20-30MB] and I haven't come ear to hitting any of the limits yet. Stuff is, I think, public by default but you can make it private [i havent experimented with that, security through obscurity works for me on this]. Here is a tour, see if it works for you.
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Response by poster: I have a Dropbox account, and checked their help pages to see whether they had an audio player. It'll have to play in the browser; my parents know very little of computers and downloads won't do it for them.

I'm also thinking of getting them to install Greasemonkey and this user script, and putting the MP3s on my website.
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Use the browser Opera. It has a feature called Opera Unite which turns your computer into a server. You simply put the files in a folder on your computer, point Opera Unite to the folder then give the link and password provided by Opera (or whatever you change it to) to whoever you want to have access.

Also I've never used it, but Opera Unite appears to have a remote audio player as well.
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If your friends and family all have quicktime, if you link to any sort of file that Quicktime plays it should play in-browser with the basic playback controls.

I'm a sound designer/composer, and there's a very simple PHP script that I use (open source) that lists all files in a directory. There's a seperate script that I sometimes combine with it that allows a username and password to be input.

Here's an example of the listing script that I use on a public directory on my webpage:
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I use tumblr for that in addition to pictures and video.
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Here's an article on embeded mp3 players for your site which may be s=useful, and save having to use the Greasemonkey script.

Also SoundCloud might be worth a look, but I'm not sure if it does exactly what you want.
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Tumblr will let you post audio and set your blog to 'private'.
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